Water Heater Installation

Water Heater Installation

water heater installation

Professional installation services of various types of water heaters


Water Heaters in Singapore

Water heaters are a common household product in most households in Singapore. You’d be hard-pressed to see a Singapore home that doesn’t have a water heater for storage or an Instant water heater. Developments in innovation and heating technology have made water heaters more affordable such that it has become a necessity for every household.

In providing warm water for various activities, water heaters in Singapore are essential to the home. When your water heater installation is not done properly, your water heater could start showing signs of leakage and other signs that the entire machine would need to be fixed or even replaced.

Water heaters have hardly any issues, and when they do, it is typically due to poor wear and tear of the installation or unit. When these problems arise, water heater leakage is one of the most common signs. You need a reputable company like ours o help you mount, remove or fix your water heater when you see this.

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Installation, Replacement and Repair Services

Our experienced plumbers are expert at procedures involving water heaters with a wide variety of water heaters available on the market. The services we deliver are as follows:

Water heater installation

It can be difficult to install a new water heater, particularly if you want a large water heater tank to be installed. We have plumbers available for you here at Nation Electric to supply and install water heaters. It’s a squeeze for our plumbers, whether it’s storage water heater or even instant water heater. We’re going to help you select the optimum water heater that works best for your home or apartment.

Depending on the type of water heater and your current configuration, a new water heater installation can be a complex process.

For it to operate, an instant water heater needs a water stage as well as an electric point. The work becomes much easier if these two are in place. Otherwise, it may be important for the handyman to attach new pipes and create a new point.

This takes more time for a new storage water heater to be installed. Normally 2 or more bathrooms are connected to the water heater. It means that water pipes must be connected from one bathroom. Often, it will require some form of a bracket to keep the storage water heater up. It will take a couple of hours to complete the entire process.

Where to install your water heater

Water heaters can be mounted around your home anywhere. It is up to the owner to determine where the water heater should be mounted. However, it is only possible to install bulky water heaters in places with more space. Of example, because of its wide and bulky size, water heater tanks need to be mounted in places like above the false ceiling, concealed in a cupboard or even hanging over the bath. As for instant water heaters, they are lightweight and near a water source and electricity point can be mounted almost anywhere.

It’s quite simple for an instant water heater. At the water and electricity level, it will be mounted in the bathroom. It can suit almost anywhere, even if your bathroom is small, due to its compact size. A heater for storage water is heavy and bulky. Most of the time, the choice of a false ceiling to hide it from sight would be mounted near the ceiling. Alternatively, a secured bracket can also hold it up. You also have to decide which bathroom to put in the water heater. The popular choice would be to install it in the nearest kitchen bathroom and leave untouched the toilet of the master bedroom. Until deciding on the final area, you can discuss the best place to fit with the installer. Based on their years of experience, they will give you their recommendations.


Like repair, if you have an old water heater to replace, Mr Plumber will supply the water heater and help you remove the old water heater and install the new water heater.


Water heaters are complicated machines, so considering removing or fixing can be a hassle when it breaks down. Rest assured, it has never been easier to find water heater repair in Singapore. Our team is specialised in testing defective water heaters and diagnosing the problem for you. Our plumbers will inform you accordingly if there is a need for repair. No matter what type of water heater you have, our professional staff are experienced in providing you with reliable plumbing service wherever you need it in Singapore.

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Types of water heaters

Until we delve into the discussion about the different available water heater facilities, let’s find out more about water heaters. In Singapore, there are typically two types of water heaters: Storage Heater Tanks and Instant Water Heater.

Storage water heaters

Water heaters for storage are unique in the sense that they have a tank to store water to heat up and then dispense when needed.

Instant water heaters

Instant water heaters quickly heat water and do not store water, unlike water heaters for cooling. Based on what it is motivated by these water heaters can be further classified into other categories.

Types of Storage water heaters

Electric Storage Water Heaters

These are the most common in most apartments in Singapore, powered by electricity. These water heaters typically have a tank in Landed properties or Condos where water is stored and heated at a set temperature. They’re affordable and easy to carry. Nevertheless, they are vulnerable to leakage and heavy use of power.

Gas Storage heater

Through burning gas, the gas storage heater heats the tank water. Fuel water heaters are less common in Singapore compared to electric storage heaters and are mostly used in landed homeowners. For it to operate, it requires a constant supply of gas.

Digital storage heater

These high-end water heaters, powered by electricity, and a luxury item that can heat your water to the temperature you want with its thermostat panel. These are usually found within specialized industries and landed properties, although not as common as other water heaters.

Solar storage heater

Equipped with solar panels that are usually placed on the house’s roof, it harnesses solar energy and turns it into heat energy to heat up the tank’s air. Also, one of the rarer types of water heaters found in Singapore’s households.

Heat pump storage heater

This water heater is also powered by electricity except that, before pumping it into the storage heater tank, the heat is produced in another unit, so the name implies.

Types of Instant water heaters

Electric tankless water heaters or Instant Water Heaters

If required, these heat water will be more energy-efficient than storing water heaters. There are two types of heaters like this: single and multi-point. The main difference, either a single point or several points, is the water flowing through its ports. We also work in small spaces and hold a constant flow of hot water without wasting energy. This makes it popular with owners of the HDB flat. Mostly instant heaters come with a showerhead attached. It can even come with various functions that can monitor your shower experience’s performance flow. You can even adjust the showerhead to match your style, depending on the model.

Digital instant heater

This device heats the water accurately, but in an almost instantaneous format, similar to digital storage heaters. These are luxurious household items, like their counterpart, usually located in condominiums.

Gas instant heater

Using gas heats up the water. The instant gas heater is often used to heat steam instantly in the industry, but household use is still visible.

Storage water heaters vs Instant water heaters

Storage Water Heater Pros

Instant Water Heater Pros

Consistent temperature

Endless Water Supply as long as connect to pipe line


Cheap to purchase and install



Suitable for rain shower

Easy to maintain

Able to supply to multiple bathroom

Storage Water Heater Cons

Instant Water Heater Cons

Bulky in size

The initial outflow is not heated up

Relatively more costly to install compared to instant heater due to higher capacity

Unsuitable for rain shower

Considerations before purchasing a new water heater

If you want to install a new water heater in your home, the following key points should be kept in mind.

Types of water heater

As mentioned above, with their unique capabilities, there are many forms of water heaters. But you have to choose primarily between a water heater for processing or an instant water heater. You will have to decide on the type of source to power your heater based on your preferences and other factors such as comfort and ease of use. Think what the perfect water heater would be for you and your friends.


It can be a latent trait that most adults will have to be wallet-conscious. So, it’s no wonder you’d be looking for the best value water heater to suit your budget. The installation of space heaters is generally cheaper than instant water heaters. Space heaters, however, would be suitable for use in the home.

Installation location

You can choose instant water heaters over storage water heaters depending on your place of residence. For example, if you live in an HDB flat since the instant water heater is compact and requires less space than a large and bulky storage heater tank, you will most likely go with an instant heater.

Energy consumption

Consumption of energy can be a consideration you have to bear in mind. When you are mindful of the utility bill and have a budget set aside for it, you may want to consider using water heaters which are more energy efficiency, which means that for the same amount of production it requires less energy.

Life cycles & Maintenance

On average, the lifetime of instant heaters is 10 to 15 years, whereas the lifespan of storage heater tanks is 8 to 13 years. Our skilled plumbers are advised to inspect and maintain instant heaters for storage heater tanks every 3 to 5 years and every 5 years.


Various water heaters have different warranty terms. The manufacturer usually gives a 1-year warranty on parts for instant heaters, but it differs from brands. For its part, the manufacturer provides storage heaters with a warranty period of 3 to 10 years, which also varies by brands.

Common water heater problems

Water heaters will face long-term issues like any other devices or services and will need to be patched or even replaced. There are a few common problems faced by homeowners first-hand when it comes to water heater repairs in Singapore.

When it comes to problems with the water heater, we will also classify them into problems with the storage heater and instant heater. These issues can often be confused with misunderstandings or myths, particularly with instant heaters.

Common Storage Heater Problems

Loss of energy

If heater water is stored without being used for a short period, about 40% to 60% of the heat energy can be lost. This can occur if the user does not use the heater after heating, but after a while wants to use it.

High operational cost

Before use, a storage heater takes up a high amount of energy to heat the whole tank. Holding the water warmed overnight for morning use may be even higher.

Temperature control issues

Storage heater may not provide the ideal temperature you need, which may be a case if your home size of the storage heater is wrong.

Abrupt temperature fluctuation

For automatic storage heater tanks, this problem is more general. Over time, the heat sensor growing dull, causing the temperature to fluctuate, resulting for unsatisfactory heating of the water.

Common Instant heater problems

Initial cold outflow

The initial outflow from the water heater may not be heated as it takes some time for the water to be heated through the pathway, unlike the storage heater due to pre-heating that provides consistent heated water.

Abnormally heated water

If the temperature is set too high and the exhaust valve is adjusted in a way that allows only a small amount of water to pass through, this can lead to a very high temperature flowing out of the pipe.

Noise Emission

If the water heater has been around for a while, noise could be heard. Constant water heating will cause wear and tear, which may be a sign of a need for replacement.

Water Leakage

As mentioned above, the instant heater is more likely to experience leakage as time flows through, which can be caused by pressure, corrosion or even instant heater overheating. These are just a few factors that can contribute to the leakage, and there are other causes of leakage that are often addressed differently.

Discoloured discharge

Water discoloration may occur when corroding of the heating rod inside the water heater. It is important to remember that although water heater may develop a problem in its later year, we can still take precaution to ensure that our household’s safety would not be affected by the issues. If the household has boys, be sure to set a lower temperature to avoid accidents. Educate the children to ensure proper use of the water heater.

Water Heater Maintenance

To prevent some of the above-mentioned issues, it is important to look for key areas during the installation of the water heater. Nonetheless, it should not be ignored proper maintenance as it can prolong the life of a water heater and soon avoid any possible problems.

Anode rod

The anode rods are made of aluminium or magnesium around a wire made of steel. This serves as a shielding agent avoiding rusting of the water heater tank. The rods of the anode should be periodically inspected. If it is found to be rusting or the steel wire is exposed, it is due to change the anode rod. This process will be accelerated by frequent use of the water heater; therefore, it is recommended that an inspection be carried out annually or every half year.

Dip tubes

Dip tubes are the versatile tubing for heating up cold water into the water heater. Not every water heater can have them, as other types of tubes can guide some of them. It is also prone to corrosion along the way, so it is would be good to get a technician to conduct a check on the tube every 6 months.

Regular flushing

Every year, flush the water heater is recommended to clean out any sedimentation that might be in the water heater. Flushing with disinfectant will also prevent the development and multiplication of bacteria that may be in the tank.


Draining has more to do with tanks of storage heaters. When there is a prolonged period of non-use, the storage heater tank should be drained. This is to prevent the development of any harmful bacteria in the tank that can cause corrosion and health hazards.

Water inlet piping

These inlet pipes are not exactly part of the water heater, but the supply of water to the water heater is essential, and any wear and tear and leakage should be inspected so that the water heater can function optimally without hiccups.

Temperature & Pressure (TP) Valve

A storage water heater includes the Temperature and Pressure Valve. This valve is a mandatory valve to be installed on the storage tank as required by law. The main purpose is to protect the water heater from excess pressure and temperature by allowing it to discharge the excess when it begins to go beyond the limitations. If the TP valve regularly drips, it may be loose and need to be replaced.


Proper water heater and pipe insulation can ensure that heat transfer can be carried out efficiently through the water and prevents heat from escaping along the way. This will turn into improving the water heater’s lifespan.

Regular Maintenance

It is recommended to get a plumber to do a water heater inspection and do the maintenance needed to extend the life span of the water heater. Remember that it would be recommended every five years or earlier.


On the Singapore market, there are different kinds of water heaters, each with its own appeal. While some might choose heaters for processing, others would prefer to go for instant heaters. It can depend heavily on their place of residence and the advantages it can bring to the owners. There are many brands to choose from on the market, each with its own top-selling water heater. To avoid problems, it is important to keep the water heater well maintained. Whatever kind of water heater there is, Nation Electric is always here to assist with any issues with water heaters.

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