Electrical Wiring Services

Electrical Wiring Services

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Electrical wiring services for commercial, residential or industrial properties


Electrical Wiring Services

Most homeowners are unable to complete their electrical wiring projects as they are more complicated than you should be doing on your own. There is no question that electrical wiring can be messy and time-consuming, even if it is not performed in Singapore by experienced and qualified electrical wiring contractors, it could pose a security risk to homes and businesses. It is so in HDB rewiring works.

While simple electrical wiring projects can be done by yourself, a professional wiring contractor in Singapore should perform most HDB rewiring and electrical wiring installations to avoid electrical wiring errors that could lead to potential hazards. We have a group of qualified electricians as your chosen electrical wiring contractor who is certified to provide all of your electrical wiring, rewiring and electrical extension services. Nation Electric understands the importance of having a properly installed electrical wiring system. Our expert electricians have regularly help to maintain or reinstall electrical wiring in your HDB flat, condominium, business, or office. Our group of licensed electrical wiring contractors in your home will take care of any need for electrical wiring.

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Signs That You Need a General Electrical Wiring Service

In reality, there exist many types of electrical cable issues that might not always be an obvious sight to the typical homeowner. Here are the signs indicating that you need an electrical wiring upgrade:

  • Your cabling seems to break, peel or become visible
  • The cable points are black and illuminated
  • Electrical cabling should be either white or brown
  • Within six to eight feet of any point in your house, you can’t find an electrical outlet, which means your current electrical wiring is insufficient
  • For no reason, the fuses and circuit breakers are blown very often

Signs That You Need an Electrical Wiring Repair & Replacement

Ever wondered when’s the best time to get your electrical wiring repaired and replaced? These are some of the signs to take note of:

Frayed Wires

Due to heat, age, oxidation, and general wear-and-tear, any electrical wire located in your home is prone to frays. The wires are also likely to be damaged by sharp edges of screws or nails. Rodents often chew on electrical wires more often than not, which can lead to possible damage. When you suspect any kind of rodent behaviour, check every cable in your house and look for possible frays.

Excessive Heat Damage

In your electrical switches or outlets, did you find any scorch marks or hot, burnt spots? These may mean that your cable system has not been properly installed. Note that electrical switches and outlets should not be hot to touch, otherwise overheating will occur.

Tripped Circuit Breakers

The most likely moving circuit breakers show a case of overloading. When the electrical wires or circuit breaker are seriously damaged, a repair of the electrical panel should be done. To avoid such problems, always opt for a professional electrical wiring installation service, especially when you already need to re-install an electrical component or appliance.

Visible Smoke

Some occurrences of smoke are considered an inherent indication of risk in any case with respect to electricity. If you detect any smoke from your electrical wiring, appliance, or power outlet, turn them off quickly. If you ‘re unable to locate the cause of the smoke, switch the main power supply or circuit breaker at home and call a certified electrician for help.

Dimming Lights

When your lighting systems appear to dim when you turn on certain outlets, either your circuit or electrical wiring is highly likely to be overloaded. To ensure your safety, you can solve the problem by checking your circuit as well as electrical wiring specifically. Upon quick inspection, a professional electrician will be able to ensure that your house wiring is working properly.

Loose Connections

Due to frequent use and old age, connections between electrical switches and wires loosen over time. You should check and ensure that all switch plates and outlet covers are in good condition with this on a regular basis. This allows you to ensure that your electrical wiring is properly and effectively secured inside its container.

frayed exposed wiring
electrical overheating
loose wiring connection

Rewiring Your Home

We have electrical wiring running through all our homes and offices to power up our electrical appliances and phones. Proper electrical wiring is needed to ensure that electricity flows smoothly to our lamps, heaters, ovens, etc. from our power points. When they are not detected and fixed as soon as possible, wiring issues may pose severe fire or electrocution hazards.

Over time, wear and tear our wires and cables will result in repeated use. The outer sheath of rubber is brittle and quickly crumbles, thereby exposing the internal wires. When electricity flows through, the exposed live wire may get in contact with the outer enclosure causing it to start heating up. This can contribute to an electric shock or it may even become a household fire hazard in more severe cases.

Power Overloading Results In Power Trips

We highly recommend that you employ a professional electrician to check the electrical wiring of your home and consider re-connecting your house if it has not been done so for about a decade. Indeed, most household fires are triggered by old cables that have aged or are unable to meet the demands of our modern electrical devices, such as air conditioners, ovens, heaters and refrigerators.

Overloading of the power will also overheat and burn the wires. This can happen if too many electrical appliances (especially high wattage appliances) are connected to a single powerpoint. Or sometimes the electrical appliances may be faulty, thus resulting in a sudden power surge, blown fuse and/or burnt wires.

The above are all major factors that contribute from time to time to the power trips and blackouts that we may experience.

Solve Electrical Problems As Soon As Possible

It is impossible to underestimate the power of electricity in our lives. Electrical energy can be used to power the heat, light, sound and motion of our electrical appliances and devices. Electricity is our friend when we harness its power correctly. However, the careless usage of electricity can turn it into our enemy in the blink of an eye.

Touching an open electrical cable/wire can cause severe burns. At the very least, or at worst, a broken light switch, a damaged power outlet, a fused bulb or a defective circuit breaker may result in a fire hazard and may result in electrocution and potentially fatal accidents.

We should therefore always be aware of any electrical problems resulting from electrical wiring, cables, electrical appliances, switches, power sockets, connections, fuses, lamps, heaters, ovens, washing machines, etc. for our own protection. The best way is to seek professional help to repair or replace any malfunctioning electrical parts as quickly as possible.

Keeping Safe

If dealing with defects in electrical or plumbing, security is essential. Why not engage with the experts who are trained to provide reliable and efficient electrical services when in doubt?

The company provides electrical wiring and installation services – including the application of new cables, electrical power outlets, electrical power switches, light switches, heater switches, circuit breakers, power points, lighting points and/or electrical appliances.

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