Distribution Board Installation

Distribution Board Installation

distribution board

Electrical panel installation and servicing for commercial, residential or industrial properties


Electrical Distribution Board Services

Each building’s essential electrical component is an electrical distribution board (DB) box. Whether you’re building a new home or renovating an existing one, installing an efficient electrical distribution board box is always recommended. A strong DB box will be properly installed to protect against various electrical hazards like fires and shocks.

There are two main reasons you may need box services from a certified electrician in Singapore such as Daylight Electrician for electrical distribution board (DB). First, a new electrical DB box could be installed for your newly renovated home or office. The electrical switch box is an important component for any home or office, and you need it to be properly installed to prevent repeated electrical wiring issues and future power trips or failures.

In addition, an efficient electrical distribution board box will cushion your electrical systems and appliances from the risks of power output and travel. On the other hand, it also goes a long way to ensure that electrical wiring is easily maintained and refitted.

In residential establishments and companies, we also mount electrical distribution boxes in Singapore. Our product guarantee promises the best solutions for all your woes in building your electrical DB package. In addition, our trained and licensed electricians are readily available for the best service at your convenience on short notice.

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What Is An Electrical Panel?

An electrical panel is also known as an electrical distribution board (DB) box. It’s also known as a breaker box. They are often found in a cupboard in HDB flats in Singapore. Many homeowners typically don’t give much importance to knowing how an electrical panel functions, but especially in the case of power failures and other electrical problems, it is essential to know these stuff.

It is an enclosed steel box that essentially holds various circuit breakers and other electrical components that hold your home power supply. The circuit breaker is there to protect your home’s electrical wiring against short circuits and electrical spikes that may eventually result in a power failure if tripped. For handling different use requirements, each electrical switch box inevitably comes with an electrical power load. When you decide to increase the load capacity, a few more breaker box should be added to complement the rest of the electrical panel already present.

How an Electrical DB Box Works

There are usually different supply lines from meter boxes that provide power to homes. These are supplemented by electrical boards capable of tracking the monthly power consumption. The supply lines are connected to the circuit breaker box, which regulates the electricity. Since the electricity used in your home has to go through the breaker board, in case of power spikes and trips, the circuit breakers in it will cause the system to be shut down. As a consequence, short circuits and fires can be easily avoided.

Certain DB box components include switches, bypass devices, fuse links, current detectors and bus bars. The key parts, however, of which you should be properly informed are the circuit breakers and terminals. Each of these components works together to protect the electrical system, equipment and fixtures of your building from harm in the event of power travel or similar occurrences. As experts in the construction of electrical DB boxes, we can still provide you with details on any other aspects of the system you may need to know.

Where Does Power Come From?

Various supply lines, all linked to an electrical meter box, ensure energy flows into your home. There is also an electrical panel that records every month the amount of electricity used. Then the supply lines are connected to the board of distribution. With this, a series of circuit breakers, which gradually distributes energy to your house, regulate electricity on the distribution board.

How An Electrical Panel Keeps You Safe

Whether it’s installation, repair, or replacement, always put your safety and security first when it comes to any kind of electrical work. Housing properties in Singapore have their specific specifications to be followed closely. For example, circuit breaker trips during electrical problems such as overloading should be able to shut down the power supply to prevent fires. Also, wall outlets in humid areas such as kitchens and bathrooms should have ground fault circuit breakers to effectively protect residents from electrical shocks by shutting down the electrical supply.

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Benefits of Regular Maintenance

Regular maintenance of your electrical distribution panel can bring about benefits to maintaining a good electrical distribution panel. Some of these include;

1. Protection against electrical shocks and electrical fires

2. Protection from excess voltage due to power surge

3. Maintenance and refitting of wiring

Signs That Your Electrical Distribution (DB) Box Needs Repair

Home security is important and ensuring you have no issues with your electrical work and wiring is key to your peace of mind. Before going into any electrical facilities, it is important to read about general electrical safety tips. Please contact a licensed electrician to assist you with electrical troubleshooting when you discover that something is not functioning as it should and none of the DIY tips seems to be successful.

Steps to check if your electrical distribution board requires repair:

1. Identify which cable provides power to the outlet or fixture

2. Next, try to identify the locations and ends of each cable and see if the appliances are working.

3. Reduce a load of appliances around the home to resolve most power-tripping issues.

4. If the power trips again after you have already reset the electrical circuit breaker, you should consider calling for a more thorough check by an electrician.

Professional Electrical Distribution Board Box Installation

We think it’s not just about putting up the element on your building to get lasting DB box installation solutions. As such, we are also committed to educating all our customers about the processes so that you know exactly what to expect from electrical panels. While there are many things about electrical boards, it is important to know the basics to help you solve problems and understand how the system functions.

Electrical panel installation service

While all boxes for electrical delivery have the same purpose, the installation will take different forms depending on the electrical system of your home and your specific needs. Therefore, in each DB box installation project, we always follow a unique approach. Whenever you hire our company for the service, our electricians will first visit your home to inspect the areas where the panel will be installed.

We can also evaluate the most appropriate approaches for installing the part through the preliminary inspections. During the process, our electricians will then prepare a quote for the job to fully discuss all the details of the project with you. We always want to make sure you get the best configuration of the electrical distribution box customized to your needs and budget.

Occasionally, due to problems with an existing one, you might consider installing a new breaker board. We will first try to identify and fix the problems in such situations in order to save you time. Our company is also specialized in qualified electrical repair services, which cover a wide range of devices like DB containers, circuit breakers and others. This ensures that all the electrical engineering solutions you need at once are always available.

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